Ground Checking Kit

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

What is it?

This is our comprehensive ground checking kit inside of Unity. The aim of this kit is to save developers time without having to Unity's built-in tools. It is extremely flexible and can save you and others so much time when creating games. Have you ever started writing your own character controller and realised that you have to detect whether or not your player is grounded? Or are you sick of being restricted to using Unity’s CharacterController component? Whatever the case may be, writing your own ground checking solution every time you make a game can take up unnecessary time. Our ground checking kit takes care of all that for you, just add one component to your player GameObject, set it up and you’re ready to start finding some ground!

It supports any kind of game as it uses an interface implementation. This means you can use the same component for 2D and 3D games! The package currently provides 4 unique implementations for ground checking, which we call ground checkers. There are two for 3D games and two for 2D games. It's really as simple as plug-and-play!

You can even write your own ground checkers! Be sure to reference our documentation for more detailed information.

How to use it?

Just add the GroundCheck component to your player, follow the simple setup and inside of your relevant character movement script define the following variable:

[SerializeField] private GroundCheck groundCheck;

Once that's all done, you can check if your character is on the ground like so:

if (groundCheck.IsGrounded()) {
    Debug.Log("We're on the ground!");

Note: remember to assign the variable in the inspector!

For a more in-depth explanation on how to get set up, check out the documentation included.


You can download the asset directly below, or visit the page on the Unity Asset Store here!

Download ZIP • 206KB

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